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Sometimes life throws us curves and doesn’t work out as we planned. When these times strike, we might feel overwhelmed, anxious or depressed. These times don’t have to break us, but may require us to reach out for help. Counselling can move us forward, through and around the barriers that seem insurmountable.
Counselling is a way of getting healthy and learning skills to deal with life’s obstacles. People see counsellors for many reasons, but most people see a counsellor for support and help to develop skills for dealing with life circumstances. Many people don’t want to burden their family or friends. Good counsellors listen, support, guide, teach and challenge so that you are able to develop the solutions that work best for you. Counsellors do this by getting to know you, gaining an understanding of your circumstances, and helping you to set goals for what you would like to change. Clients grow when they are motivated to grow, willing to do the work between sessions and are open to the possibilities of change.

When can counselling help?

Counselling can be helpful when you realize a problem is interfering with your day-to-day life, you find it hard to make important decisions, or you don’t know what to do next. Counselling is also helpful when you realize you need support to see you though a challenge. It is better to access counselling early before problems get too big or feel like a crisis.

Why would someone choose counselling?

Because talking helps. Loneliness, confusion, pain or stress can feel overwhelming. Talking confidentially with an objective, non-judgemental professional provides the space to explore difficulties and options. Counselling provides freedom to express feelings and find direction. Receiving support helps you to feel validated and empowered. Counselling provides an opportunity for you to find your strength.

How Does Counselling Work?

Counselling is a process of change. When I meet with you, we will get to know each other. We will work to create opportunities for growth and change and identify the strategies required to get there. Sometimes this is clear and will be straightforward, while other times it may take time to figure out what the core issues are. We will work to develop realistic and achievable goals. Counselling is most effective when the client makes an honest commitment of time and energy, as well as a willingness to be active and honest in the process; this means you may be asked to do homework between sessions such as reading, self-monitoring, journaling thoughts, or practicing new skills.

My Counselling Duties

Please see my confidentiality and privacy policy. Many insurance companies require a treatment strategy, and a progress report. If you intend to bill your insurance company for our sessions, please check their requirements.

Your Client Rights

You have the right to respect and self-determination. You have the right to understand my rationale for my approach to counselling. You have the right to ask questions during our work together. You have the right to decide when you are finished counselling.

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